New year’s resolutions for a kettlebell lifter

 (or any other athlete)

1-Work on your technique

Your numbers don’t matter, going back studying technique will always be important in order to set a new personal record. Working on posture and specific elements of an exercise will surely improve your performance. There’s a reason why also olympic lifters work on partial lifts.

2-Set a generic goal

Don’t set your goal on 200 snatches with 32kg or 300kg deadlift by the end of the year, choose an aspect of your performace that you want to improve and focus on it on a long term, obtaining results and avoiding frustration

3-More variety

The exercises that you don’t like are probably the ones you need more, because usually these are

the ones you don’t feel confident and strong about. Endurance, explosive power and mobility depend on the side dishes of your training menu

4-Warm up and stretch

Especially for competing athletes, who don’t want to miss a single training session, preventing injuries is vital. Those who hate warming up and stretching absolutely have to learn to love them and do them before and after every workout

5-Take a break

It is vital to respect days off and lightweight periods. Relaxing on your days off and training lighter (and better) for a couple of sessions can be boring, but training too hard before a competion or messing around with between two heavy lifting sessions when you are supposed to rest is just counter-productive.

Happy new year and happy training!

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