Interview with Master Ivan Denisov

Ivan Denisov JerkIf you look up anything related to kettlebell lifting on youtube his name is going to pop up: a war machine named Ivan Denisov. Here’ the chat we had about the world of our great sport.

How do you keep yourself motivated being the world’s strongest lifter? once you reach the top of the mountain it must be hard trying to set new goals

While training I try not to think about my past victories. I tell myself every time that this competition for the first time. And I have to win. The desire to win inside me. I lost only where I let it happen.

Do you still practice on your technique? do you still work on exercises like rack hold, half snatch and bump?

Between competitions I keep on training no-stop, changing the goal of the training process.

Good technique requires constant correction. It should be every day of training focus on breathing, relaxation and posture. Keep balance during exercise. And work on flexibility.

If you had to choose only three exercises for the rest of your life, what would they be? (including bodyweight, barbells and everything else)

A very difficult question. I like doing a lot of exercises and I change them periodically. The best exercise – long cycle. Running as a natural exercise that I really love. Also, probably playing games. I can play all the most popular ball games in Russia and I include them in the training process with pleasure.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to become a girevik?

Kettlebell lifting is a very difficult sport. We must learn to take pleasure from training. Patience, perseverance, persistence is very important for an athlete. We need to do a good functional base to be able to achieve high results. However, as in other sports.

What is your best memory of kettlebell sport?

I think that the most vivid impressions were when I first won the world championship in 2003. I then won the strongest athletes, the outstanding masters of a long cycle – Vasily Ginko in biathlon Sergey Mishin.

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