2015: A great year for Italian Girevoy Sport

Squadra Nazionale Ghiri Sport Italia
Squadra Nazionale Ghiri Sport Italia

18th September 2000 the International Gira Sport Federation selects Oleh Ilika, amongst several other elite athletes, to promote kettlebell lifting in the rest of the world. Oleh accepts the appointment and moves to Italy. After years of hard work teaching and raising awareness the rewards of his choice are clear. Under his guidance, Italian athletes gain more and more visibility, first in Europe and then worldwide. Fifteen years from the beginning of this adventure, theFederazione Ghiri Sport Italia counts hundreds of high-level athletes and record turnouts at national competitions.

March 27th The 2015 sporting year opens with the National Championship in long cycle. 121 athletes from all over Italy meet in Livorno. It’s with great joy that athletes who have known each others for a lifetime face each other once more on the platform, and it’s also an unforgettable experience for many newcomers, who will officially compete for the first time, while being able to enjoy the show given by the many veterans.

July 29th The Italian National Team leaves for Pecs, Hungary, this time for the world championships. The spoils brought back home is impressive: five gold medals and the title of World Champion Team IGSF 2015.

October 15th A new adventure for the blue shirts. They’re off to the World Biathlon Championships in Celjie, Slovenia. They prove themselves once again, with two gold and two bronze medals, and the third step of the podium for the national team.

November 1st A few days later, the athletes return to the platform for the Italian Biathlon Championships in Rome, another great success with participation from the whole country. The event ended with a relay race, in which the 5 athletes of each team take turns executing the jerk for 2 minutes per person, giving all that they have. The relay race was a great example of sportsmanship, with participants on some of the teams meeting for the first time that day. This is the essence of Girevoy Sport: working together even when you come from entirely different cities and teams.

December 12th The sporting year will close with the Trofeo Centro Storico di Turbigo and the end of year meeting, which will be a moment to recap the successes of the past year and toast the achievements of the year to come!

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