Interview with Master Denis Vasilev


-How would you describe girevoy sport in three words?

-What is your greatest achievement as an athlete and as a coach?
As an athlete: 101 reps in Long Cycle 2*32kg, 10min. (2nd Annual OKCI Vancouver Kettlebell sport Competitions. April 18, 2015. Richmond, BC, Canada)

As a coach: I hope my greatest coach achievements in the future, I’m working hard as a coach.But for now I have a few students of level MSIC, National Champions in their Countries.

-If you had to choose only three exercises for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Long Cycle, Snatch, Jerk

-What would you recommend to someone who wants to become a girevik?

To find a good coach who will help him to avoid the serious beginners mistakes. Who will help him follow the correct priorities of training process. Who will explain him the sense of this wonderful sport.

-What is your best memory of kettlebell sport? What has this sport given to you?

This sport given to me everything that I have now, that’s my life now. A lot of amazing memories, but probably the very first strong one is my first Championship of Russia 2008, the feeling of great success and honor with the Silver medal and 2nd place in 90kg weight category after my idol and friend Eduard Ahramenko, on that time we are was the only guys from Kaliningrad city, and we was a students of the same coach Nikolaev Timofei Nikolaevich. I did 78rp and Eduard 95rp. It was the best moment for me, I was feel that I’m deserve now to shake Eduards hand.

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