Interview with master Sergey Rudnev

One of the most influential lifters in the world, both as a coach as an athelte, accepted to have an interview with us. We’re honored to host him on our page.


How would you describe girevoy sport in three words?
-I think, GS is the maximum effect for improving health and physical conditions using the minimal financial losses.

What is your greatest achievement as an athlete and as a coach?
-My achievements as an athlete are: – 5 times champion of Russia; – 5 times champion of the World. My achievements as a coach are: – more the 200 CMS; – 48 MS; – 10 MSIC; – 1 HMS. – 8 champions of the World.

If you had to choose only three exercises for the rest of your life, what would they be?
-KB snatch, muscle up on the gymnastic bar, burpee.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to become a girevik?
-My advice is not to have any doubts upon their choice.

What is your best memory of kettlebell sport? What has this sport given to you?
-My best memories of GS are: – my first student champion of the World (Eugeny Lopatin, Ukraine, Kiev, November, 1998) – my first 100 reps set in jerk with 32+32 kg at the oficial competition (Russia, Babaevo, October, 2002). GS is my work, my hobby and my lifestyle.


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